Sunday, 29 November 2009

The Crow Road

Iain Banks

Famous for opening line "It was the day my grandmother exploded."

Remember the Wasp Factory? One of my favourite books. This is not the Wasp Factory - not so harsh, and considerably more rambling, but containing those familiar Banksian themes - family secrets, memory, madness, eccentricity, sibling rivalry, incest, growing pains of adolescence...

Ah yes, and the most romantic sex scene ever, involving a novel use for Morse Code.


  1. Oops, sorry, no incest, I was getting confused with the Steep Approach to Garbadale. And Walking On Glass. It's easily done.

  2. Now you're talking... one of my favourite Banks novels. Yes, it certainly rambles on, but in a very readable way
    I would have to put Espedair Street and The Wasp factory (A fantastic debut) slightly ahead in my list of favourites
    I already have a nicely dog-eared copy, so will not be scouring the Central line for this one, but I hope whoever does find it enjoys it as much as I do.

  3. The TV series was on again quite recently, good stuff too Steve.

  4. It certainly was...Having a very good cast helped as well!