Saturday, 24 April 2010

Gorgeous George

George Galloway turns up at the school gates. Much excitement amongst the children, as he's handing out stickers and balloons. (Some of these kids sport big "Vote Respect" stickers the next day, I feel bad because I want them to take them off, yet they are so pleased with their stickers and there's no way they'd understand why they mustn't wear them.) He is a despicable human being but popular around Bow - and I will tell the politicians exactly why, in just 3 words:

He shows up.

(He schmoozes, he courts the poor people, he talks to them, he does that politican's trick of gazing at them as though what they're saying is the most important thing in the world to him. We have not seen head nor hide of any of the other local MPs. Then they wonder why there's apathy and low voter turnout. It's because they aim their campaigning at the middle classes. )

Anyway, one of my colleagues went to see him at the school gate, and they had the following conversation.

GG: What can we do for you? What do you need?
Josh: (deadpan) Well, we need more car parking spaces.
Josh: It's your top priority?
GG: Amongst other things...


  1. My only contact with him was seeing him sweep through the streets of Glasgow when he was a MP up here, surrounded by crowds of minders. He looked exactly like a gangster with his heavies.

  2. I bet he can get you some nylons though.

  3. Yes. Or a used car salesman.

    Oh Arabella! I wish he'd asked for that! hahaha!

  4. no - worse than that. Seriously, the entire effect was very intimidating which is honestly inappropriate for a public servant. I kind of felt that if we'd strayed too close we would have been beaten or knived. It was scary.

  5. Ah, I see what you mean. He invented the word "inappropriate" when it comes to politics.

    They really genuinely seem to like him around here, I think it's because last time he was running against Oona King in Bethnal Green and all the local male chauvs would rather a white man over a black woman...

  6. Wasn't hay made in that campaign of the fact that she's Jewish too? Mind you, Melanie Phillips was very sniffy about Oona King's Jewishness.

  7. Melanie Phillips is professionally sniffy. She puts 'sniffer' on her tax return. HMRC wouldn't accept 'lunatic'.

    Heard Galloway on the radio the other day. Is it just me, or has he started to affect a comedy Indian accent? It was like an episode of It Ain't Half Hot Mum. Squalid man.