Sunday, 30 May 2010

Human sex

As part of the East London Printmakers I'm taking part in a print exhibition at the Freud Museum next year (great recent BBC documentary about the Freud Museum here).

Researching pictures of dancers and acrobats for my prints I came across La La La Human Steps, & this purely amazing, androgynous dancer Louise Lecavalier. I vaguely remember them from 1985 (I was 14 - wow, a lifetime ago) and catching a glimpse of her on TV jumping into the air and spinning horizontally, parallel to the ground. It made you want to rub your eyes in disbelief.

Anyway, here is the video for their show Human Sex from 1985, you can watch her in action.
(Can't embed the video for some reason, but it's worth clicking, believe me. )


  1. Had a drink with some of LLLHS in Edinburgh once, after a gig. (Was going out at the time with someone who was big on the Canadian dance scene.) Found it very difficult to exchange small talk with someone you've seen doing handstands stark naked half an hour previously.

  2. Tim, that is v cool. Naked handstands... see this is why I prefer modern dance over classical ballet.

  3. I watched this before Barca and meant to tell you how incredible it was.