Saturday, 28 August 2010

Stuff you post at night and remove in the morning

Oh man, I have just been kidding myself and I must hang onto that perception. Because wishful thinking & daydreaming is a killer. And the internet is a uniquely 21st century form of torture for unrequited lovers and for driving you insane with heartache and jealousy. I know the way to do it is to forget about it and to go out a lot and flirt a lot and find someone else so I don't care about him - basically to make someone you want who doesn't want you want you by not wanting them anymore. Catch 22. Love, pah, love is for losers.

Brrr. Anyway, look at this here photo of Einstein on a bike that I took today.

Lynn Barber, An Education (much better than the film, which is pants)


  1. Admirable explanation of the way the gods have structured the laws of attraction to simultaneously maximise our angst and their merriment.

  2. Love is bullshit. Convenience is much more useful.

  3. Ian, thanks. Yeah, bastard gods.

    LC, you old cynic. I suspect you may be right.