Monday, 4 October 2010

the Bechdel test

I was anxious when I came across the Bechdel test. Okay to knock Hollywood but what if we really are all shallow and two-dimensional in reality? I thought back over our conversation over Sunday lunch. Yes clearly we talked about men, but what else?
3 different friends, careers, best skincare regimes, the financial crisis, the hierarchy amongst graffitti writers and the reputation of Banksy, the history of Berlin, the causes of the Holocaust, why governments encourage fear and paranoia, blogs, Twitter & other social networks, Crime & Punishment, money and bailout of the banks, tube strike, East London Line, Arnold Circus and social housing, capitalism and consumerism, guilt and expiation, future ambitions and past mistakes, whether chilli cheese fries or potato salad would be more fattening (probably about the same, we reckoned.)

We scrape passed the Bechdel test, phew.


  1. I like the Bechdel test. Two chicks, no blokes - sounds just like my kinda film.

  2. Ahem. (You know in film theory terms, they'd call your interpretation of the Bechdel test reading against the grain...)

  3. I think you knocked the Bechdel test into a cocked hat on that occasion. You were actually probably in danger of entering the male domain of talking totally unrelated bollocks after a few lunchtime drinks by the sound of it

  4. You know, given more time we could have possibly solved all world problems.

  5. Steve, yay! Women can talk bollocks just as well as men!

    Sar, why don't they ever ask us?