Sunday, 24 October 2010


Only a little lottery win would do it. I'm not asking for the Euro Lottery or anything *

Leave work, start writing science books for kids (there's a distinct lack of these aimed at little ones, but they still do science - for the moment, curriculum might change.)

- (it's the middle column that interests me)

Or here - this looks good

Or sell flat and with proceeds set up printers co-op in London like Footprint in Leeds, or Just Seeds in Pittsburgh - both genius organisations.

So many things I'd like to do. None involving teaching.

What about you? What are your lottery daydreams?

Budget cuts by Just Seeds artist Jesse Goldstein. Relates to City University in New York, but thought it was relevant here too...

* How many people have lottery daydreams who don't actually buy tickets? Most, I bet.


  1. Just not having to worry any more about getting old in poverty.

  2. Oh mate. That's just normal, everyday life worry. That's not a daydream, daydreams are fantasies & should involve pleasure! Let your brain off the leash to play. What would your daydream be if you didn't have to worry about money?

  3. Mine was going to be similar to GSE's. Just enjoying being at square one for a single second of my life. Owning precisely nothing but also owing nothing.

    Then I'd get a job at a laundrette just in case I won the lottery a second time so I could say I wouldn't leave my job at the laundrette, which I might then sneakily do anyway.

  4. Guys, your modesty makes me want to cry. I know we are in the age of austerity, but we are talking fantasy. As Deborah Harry said, DREAMING IS FREE. Go on, knock yourselves out...

  5. Flat in Berlin, house by the sea, sitting and writing all day (or when I felt like it).

  6. Altbau to renovate nicely and break up into flats for friends. Horse. Carry on doing what I already do.

  7. Own and run a book store that kept afloat, or a vintage clothes store - real bricks and mortar stores.
    Own a property in France and use part of it as a paying retreat.
    Start a foundation for Austin musicians without medical insurance.
    Hire a dance partner for a year all to myself for lessons and practice.

  8. hmm. I think I've actually stopped having dreams. It cuts into the worrying time too much.

  9. I’d try to help out people doing mad wonderful things. For example, there's a guy trying to make a working version of Babbage’s Analytical Engine.

    And I’d go back to college, which is what I should have done 10 years ago.

    And I’d buy my dad a pinball machine.

  10. BiB, now we're talking! Would your house by the sea be in Germany or here?

    B, I saw an altbau or two I liked when I was last there with Em... What kind of horse? It is very nice that you would still be doing the same. Convinces me that it is worth pursuing change, when there are people who genuinely like what they do already.

    Oh Arabella, me too, both the bookshop and the vintage clothes store. That is a good idea about the musicians. I saw something similar for young artists over here, will post the link if I can remember where I saw it. Personal tutor, good one. I'd like one for photography and printing.

    GSE, I agree hon, and it is worrying. I command you to spend at least 5 minutes a day daydreaming about something nice as a way to counteract the worrying about something horrible.

    Tim, wow! Amazing! I like the idea of being able to fund people to do mad things. In fact,being a philanthropist would probably be the best job of all. What would you do at college? It's not too late... Is your dad a pinball wizard?

  11. GSE – in course of working on The Big Project (which involved much digging up of childhood stuff), I realised that I had replaced all the lovely daydreams I used to have with (a) worrying and (b) unreasonable paranoia, and that neither a nor b helped. So now I've reverted to daydreams.

    A – I want to have the Pferdberg, the giant horse I rather fell in love with last year. Immensely good humoured, intelligent and fond of bananas.

  12. I'm trying to remember when I did have day dreams, apart from ones involving sundry menz realising that actually they do love me. Not that a lottery win would really help with that.

    But, in the spirit of the post, I'd like to be able to afford a longhaul holiday every year so I am never in the UK for Christmas (and fly business class to get there). I also want a MultiYork sofa.

  13. I would spend the rest of my life in a five star hotel room. During the mornings I would read, watch films and play video games, and in the afternoons I would have two or three fresh escort girls delivered to me along with a crate of champagne.

    My best mate is much more creative - he always said that he'd buy a Harrier jump-jet and spend all day hovering over people he doesn't like.

  14. I'd buy up Rick Stein's Seafood Restaurant in Padstow, Annie, change the name to Rick's Plaice, play "As time goes by' on a loop and serve *everything* but fish.



  15. GSE - good! Do it! Do a home swap, save up for flight, you can do it next year. I bet lots of folks would want an Edinburgh Christmas. (I was going away this Christmas & managed to cock it up in spectacular style. Doh.)

    LC, basically you want to be Hugh Hefner. But is he happy? Is he REALLY happy? (He is happy.)

    Bob, I'd come to Rick's Plaice, no need to mullet over. It sounds like a place with sole. x