Sunday, 10 October 2010

Heartbreak Soup

I made a mix tape, you can hear it (and download it) here, if you will. It does not have all of your fine suggestions on it, because fine as they were, we would really be miserable if we sat through all of them in one go. This is the edited version, short & sweet.

(with thanks to Gilbert Hernandez for the title.)


  1. In true 2005 style, I will give you the track listings:

    Nina Simone, I got it bad and that ain't good.
    Otis Redding, Free Me
    The Pharcyde, Passing Me By
    Colin Hay, I just don't think I'll ever get over you
    Billie Holiday, I Thought About You
    Gabrielle, Rise
    Cee-Lo Green, Fuck You

  2. If i click your link on an iPhone it is a blank screen apart from "4.10 Gone"
    Go and put on some Scissor Sisters and boogie to work.

  3. But you can’t play lovesick mixtapes on a iPhone, Rog. You can only play them on a slightly battered Walkman at 3 in the morning, the batteries dying along with your soul.

  4. Rog, me too now! How odd, it was fine yesterday.

    Yes, Scissor Sisters! We saw them live once, they were fab.

    Tim, too true. I wouldn't be lovesick if I had an iPhone.

  5. I was going to say that this selection wasn't angry enough for a heartbreak tape until I got to Cee-Lo. Nice finish

    The thing is, that with digital media, I would imagine it didn't take long to put that together. I remember the days of having LP's and sitting there in 'real time' hitting the pause button and changing discs to complete a C60 Maxell tape!

  6. thanks Steve. Right, it's the um, acquiring and downloading that takes the time these days.