Thursday, 14 October 2010


Blogworld is shrinking. They are all over on Twitter, talking about spaghetti hoops and what bus they're about to get on. I try to like it, but it's just not the same. Keep thinking of this image....

Or the Nothing from the Neverending Story.

Go on post goddamn you post post post! Don't let it vanish!

UPDATE: Look it's really expanding! Look who's back.


  1. Damn. The only thing I can think of to post about is spaghetti hoops on the bus. With a polar bear driving.

  2. I'm still here motherfuckers. Raaaargh!

  3. I'm trying to take to Twitter but its hard work. I used to pride myself on being concise but there's concise and then, come on, there's concise.

  4. I posted something! I posted something!

  5. Tim, whatever it takes baby! Play 'em at their own game!

    LC, freakin' A! (Whatever that means.) Yes you Tim & me are hardcore - raaaargh!

    Annie I'm no good at concise. And after a while it's like being shut in a room with hundreds of hyped up ADD five year olds all shouting for attention simultaneously - too much like the day job...

    B - yay! It's because you made your private, it doesn't come up in my feed anymore...

  6. It can't be shrinking...I've only just started :-(

    Say it isn't so.....

  7. I am still blogging, when not talking about spaghetti hoops.

  8. I couldn't manage the hoops but I've just done a post that you may possibly conceivably be able to vaguely relate to.

  9. Yay Steve! You are helping it not to shrink. That's the spirit.

    Billy, true true, yes you are. There's probably a word to describe people who do both, beginning with 'ambi'...

    Rog, why didn't I think of the prawn trick?

  10. I've noticed over the last 6 months that many people on my blogroll seem to have given up, and my comments have fallen from over 30 a day to single figures. I still keep posting every day though.

    I have never blogged from a bus though.

    Ooooh. Having pressed eneter, the wv is UNBUS. Spoooky.

  11. Thanks for ass prod. Should probably do something about ye olde blogge.

    Reading 'Any Human Heart' (thank you). Oooooo, it's goooood!

  12. I post daily, as all right-thinking people do.



  13. And I post at least daily, as all left-thinking people have to.

  14. Hi Dave. 30 a day? *impressed* They are deserting for Twitter, the fickle sods.

    Arabella, surely you are inspired by English fashions to write something for Clobber at least? Oh I'm so glad you're reading it - I do love it. I bet you'll cry at the end too.

    Hey Pearl and Figmince! I'm gladdened by your daily posting, from the right and the left!

    PS Everybody Spinsterella is back, go and say hi.