Saturday, 30 October 2010

Women's magazines, again

I cracked, & bought Grazia, then remembered why I'd stopped when I read this by Lowri Turner

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Rachel Zoe's pregnant. How? Surely the human pipe cleaner hasn't had a period since forever? Still, it'll be interesting to see how she copes with having breasts and a tummy.

I don't know who Rachel Zoe is (okay I do now - she's an American fashion stylist) but what has she done to deserve such viciousness, such spite and vitriol? I remember years ago when Lowri Turner was a fashion columnist on the Standard. She used to be quite funny and down to earth. Clearly years of working in an insanely bitchy and shallow field have done something to her.

Women, we're our own worst enemies.


  1. I agree - and Grazia is particularly bad. They advertise they are a "high" end mag with their expensive clothing shoots and expensive ad's but then they have a tabloid side as well which is cheap and tatty. I don't get them. If you want tabloid get Heat and if you want high end fashion buy Vogue.

  2. It is cheaper and it comes out weekly, but still glossy, lots of fashion - but really tabloid. They particularly seem to have it in for poor Jennifer Aniston, it's like a hate campaign...

  3. Lowri Turner is hate-filled. She's written pieces in the past which were homophobic and racist.

    I think what annoys me most is that she's the go-to-media-mouthpiece for motherhood. Because she apparently represents all mothers everywhere.

  4. Has she indeed, Adrian? I never realised, she is definitely off my Christmas card list.

    No one ever experienced anything before a columnist wrote about it, didn't you know?