Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Led Zep

Programme on Robert Plant reminded me of our obsession, OBSESSION, with Led Zeppelin as teenagers. That banshee wail. The dodgy lyrics. The long hair. The tight, tight, tight-tight trousers. (When we met our friend's new American husband for the first time, he came over to mine and we inadvertently won him over right away. "You have every Zeppelin album. Every Zeppelin album!" We sat along and air-drummed to Four Sticks and wailed along to Dazed and Confused & bonded for life.)

I'd post a link to a YouTube video but evidently they HATE YouTube. They're the one band I wish I could have seen live. I bet they were magnificent.

One good thing about getting older is that you stop caring about what's hip. I'm unashamed about liking the old rock dinosaurs, I remember now why I liked them in the first place.

Oh Robert. Still would, even now.


  1. I love it when Bookcrossing goes Slaminsky.

    Know nothing about Led Zep. But appreciate the not caring about what's hip.

  2. I agree - this is Slaminsky. You have two personalities.

    I would SO do The Plant. What's he got in those trousers...

  3. Not my thang at all but I feel your lurv! Visit Dudley sometime and get close to the origin of the Plant....

  4. Bah! Zep!

    what about this?

  5. Sorry, could never see the point of Zep. I know they’re all superlative musicians, and Plant is apparently a lovely old gent these days (he lives next door to Joan Bakewell, y'know) but it all just sounds a bit Spinal Tap to me – the sort of thing that punk was sent to eradicate. Don’t get Springsteen either.

    Am I dumped? Off your blogroll, I mean?

  6. Ah Led Zep, I still love them, love them I tell you, well you know that already given that we spent much time in bedrooms listening. You wrote me out all the words once to Going to California in lovely caligraphy; I put it on my wall, and think I still have it in a box somewhere - ahhh.

    And totally agree with the unhip thang.

  7. BiB, maybe I will do you a little Zep mix tape intro.

    Bib, Sar, That's interesting - I just think it's me rambling on randomly, does it come across differently?

    Arabella, he sounds very RP and posh these days. Wish he'd kept his accent.

    Billy, Bongwater are funny. One day I will track down their song about saying no to drugs, it's great.

    Tim, oh it is Spinal Tap. And it is especially Almost Famous. For a teenage girl it was all about TESTOSTERONE, in a safely distant way. That's always the story in music and art and lit,though, isn't it? The fresh young kids on the scene becoming old and past it and having to make way for the new themselves...

    It was a touching documentary - respect to him, for being a Rock God worshipped all over the world, then losing a kid and his best friend, to making some truly terrible music and seeming a bit lost & lonely in the 80s, to total career resurrection just because he stayed humble and interested in other musicians and forms of music. Props to Robert!

    Em, did I? Teeheehee! I love friends for the way they share your past and remind you of stuff you'd forgotten. We were never hip. Today they'd call us Geeks and we'd be cool without trying.

  8. Any other dinosaurs, other than T Rex, of course? Deep Purple? Black Sabbath?

  9. I like them now Geoff, but then they were more for the boys. Heavier, & hairier, & more leathery, not so androgynous.