Tuesday, 18 January 2011

It's all going downhill

I dreamed I was in the hall at work. But it was sloping steeply, like a theatre. (always have bad dreams about being at the top of a theatre and everything tilting...)* Then it was nearly vertical. I slid from the top of the hall to the bottom, kids and grownups standing and sitting in the way would get out of my way and do nothing, just watch me slide, trying to grab hold of something, anything, sliding down slooowly, inevitably... At the bottom I slid under the stage blocks, under the dusty stage. Then woke up. The end.

*possibly influenced by NYE visit to watch Sonic Youth at the Hammersmith Apollo with Mr Oye Billy. And by watching Wall-E, in which there's a scene when everything on the spaceship tilts. Tsk, stupid easily influenced magpie brain.


  1. I read the last bit as "stage bollocks", which are probably a bit like false noses or enormous comedy fake breasts like Kenny Everett used to wear.

  2. A laugh that started in my stomach - the Footman remedy.

  3. Sliding under stage bollocks is a whole other kind of dream I have, Tim...