Wednesday, 5 January 2011


Siri Hustvedt is writing the intro to the catalogue for the Dreams exhibition (for those of you that don't know this author, you might know her writer husband, Paul Auster.)

Gavin Turk is one of the (the curator, Katja, is not sure of the correct term - backers? Patrons? Guardian angels?) of the exhibition.

It's all coming together. V excited. The caretaker suggested that I could hang my mobile from the chandelier in the entrance hall of Freud's house, which is just what I'd wanted but thought he might not like it. (The caretaker, not Freud. Freud is past caring what they do to his house.) Who'd have thought it?



  1. I'm sure Freud would have loved your mobile. Although he would have deduced from it that you want a willy.

  2. Thank you! one of the Japanese artists made a cast of her leg, it is sticking out of the wall. He would have had a field day with that.

  3. That would have given the old boy quite a kick.
    Are you sure you didn't dream all this?

  4. What! I missed something. You're exhibiting in Freud's house - way to start the year!

  5. Rog, tee hee! If we're all dreaming it though, it's probably more Jung than Freud.

    Arabella, yay! I did mention in passing ages ago