Sunday, 30 January 2011

weekend fail

Today I have failed to

mark any SATS or unaided writes

apply for the job I know I won't get, but what the hell

fix the "installation" (I didn't call it this, they did) so it looks like my figures are floating serenely as opposed to nose-diving to their deaths

wrap up my prints ready to sell

phone brother to commiserate with sister in law over her mum dying (I never met her mum. I've only met her about 3 times. Oh god, I'm an AWFUL person.)

What say we petition for a 3 day weekend? 1 day for rest, 1 day for fun, 1 day for boring necessary shit.


  1. What annoys me the most about the boring, necessary shit is that it's usually only necessary because other people say it is.


  2. Yeah, bastard people, always asking things of you.