Monday, 14 February 2011

Artist's block

I know I must be a bona fide artist now, because I've got artist's block. (What? Us artists can have creative block too, it's not just for you intellectual writer types.)

I've got to come up with an image for making a black and white linocut, I am very very stuck. Of all the possible images in all the world, it's like a big ocean of ideas and I'm finding it hard to catch a fish. So to speak.

So I'm going back to my (increasingly ancient) photos again. Really must start taking photos of people again.

What would you choose as your favourite?










  1. I like no.3 and no.7 - I can *see* them pared down to a print & think they'd look amazing. No.7 espesh.
    However, from experience I've found it's better to go out looking for a new idea. Do you have an inkling of an inkling that you're trying to ignore because it feels too big or too scary? Because that's the one you should be doing... xx :)

  2. 1 & 3 for me. I remember doing linocutting at school and the only realistic thing at the end of the lessions was the blood.

  3. 3. Could be a Smiths cover. Which is a good thing, before anybody says anything.

  4. I agee with Tim. I like the first one best though.

  5. thanks, OFW. I wish I was holding back on an amazing inspiration, but I think I'm just Out of Ideas. The pressure! Where's the muse when you need her?

    Rog, the tutor said 'do tell me if you cut yourself. Because sometimes people are too shamed & embarrassed & just sit there bleeding.'

    Tim, cheers. for 'What She Said' maybe 'I smoke because I'm hoping for an early death...'

    I like the first one Billy, but I think it's beyond my skills at the moment.

    Thanks for votes, very helpful.

  6. Do one of a robot fighting a ninja on top of a spaceship while dinosaurs explode all around them and Helena Bonham-Carter looks on with an expression of ennui in her eyes, unaware that her soul is about to be devoured by the ghost of Rod Hull.

  7. Your muse has clearly been otherwise engaged mud-wrestling exploding dinosaurs.

  8. I've got a a liking for 2, possibly because it looks like something from The Face in the very early '80's which is a compliment, believe it or not.

  9. LC, I worry about the inside of your head sometimes. Helena Bonham Carter, eh?

    OFW yes they are easily distracted, muses.

    Betty, thank you. It is a photo from the late 80s, so close enough!

  10. Cheers, Rad. maybe I should do a series.

  11. Yes, you do great pics of people. I'm part of the consensus in favour of 2.

  12. Thank you, Ian! Number 2's already in high contrast black and white, which is a start.