Saturday, 12 February 2011

Frankenstein revisited

I realised I am rubbish at reviewing, especially things that I like. Also I have the poor vocabulary of a primary school teacher (fantastic! amazing! excellent!) but it was FANTASTIC, AMAZING, EXCELLENT, also BREATH-TAKING AND MIND-BLOWING! Go and see it.

Johny Lee Miller was the monster and Benedick Cumberbatch was Frankenstein, both perfect, but apparently they swap parts. I would love to go back and see them in the other role and see how they do it differently. We all sat there riveted for 2 hours without a break, I was almost scared to move in case I missed a line or a nuance.

There was also a big fuck-off bell hanging down in the middle of the auditorium (part of the play) people kept on going up to it before the play started and giving it a cheeky pull then sneaking away looking guilty and delighted with themselves.


  1. not one mention of Brendan Cummerbund's willy! (i can never remember his real name). or was it JLM's you saw?

  2. Oh yes! There was willy! Sorry, I buried the lead! It belonged to JLM. Fine figure of a man, etc...

  3. Teehee! That was a good review. I am an utter ponce.

  4. I do agree with most of those points. But then, it is adapted from a complex 19th century novel and the adaptation is just never going to be as good as the book. Theatre & film always compress and simplify, and the thing they got right was the central relationship between the two of them. And they are both really, really good actors. So I was happy.