Monday, 21 March 2011


On radio 4, discussing some article in the Times about the optimum conditions for ultimate happiness, apparently they've found the happiest person in the country. She is

  • a woman
  • married
  • with kids
  • self employed
  • in a job where she makes her own schedule
  • living in East Anglia*
Happiness FAIL.

Are you happy? If you are, tell us your secret.

*East Anglia, who knew? To be fair I was happy when I lived there, but that was probably because I was also young, stupid, carefree, surrounded by new friends and doing something I passionately loved.


  1. Self employed in a job where you make your own schedule? Rrrrright.

    And if we were happy, would we be blogging? Eh? EH?

  2. Living in East Angular, as I do, I can confirm it is the happiest place on earth.

    [Disclaimer: This may not be entirely true.]

  3. Hmm, I in the past have had all of those things except the kids and I'm the least happy person I know.

  4. The happiest I've ever been was one summer day in 1998, when my girlfriend and I bunked off work, necked a load of E and spent the afternoon doing obscene things to each other.

    From this I can conclude that the thing which is most likely to make you happy is: pulling a sickie.

  5. Tim, but some self-employed people still do work for other people who determine their schedule? Fair point about blogging ;-)

    Hey Dave. Hurrah for East Angular!

    GSE, does that mean kids are the key? Too late for me, bwahaha!

    LC, it was also a political act, one in the eye of the capitalist system. Hey, what a magnificent idea for an action! I might suggest it to UK Uncut. Everybody strikes in protest but instead of going on a march they stay home and fuck.

  6. I'm in my forties, single, childless and have bugger all money, but I'm quite content. Dogs would improve my life, as would more sleep.

  7. Having just completely lost my shit over at LC's I now realise that what would make me really happy is the following (and it's all planned out):

    a couple of Tory MPs in marginal seats die nastily in the next week or two and in the ensuing by elections Labour MPs are elected. As does Nick Clegg. Vince Cable takes over as leader of the Lib Dems and immediately pulls them out of the coalition, aware that this is the only thing that will save them from complete obliteration at the next election (and also out of decency). The Tories last no more than two weeks as a minority administration before losing a vote of confidence. Labour wins the ensuing general election with a 97 style majority.

    That would make me happy.

    Kids on the other hand? No.

  8. TB, yes, see, it's all nonsense really. (I like doggies too but my landlady's cats keep getting fleas which keep biting me, I am mistrustful of pets at the moment.)

    GSE I like your plan. Let's make it so!

  9. What this has shown me though is that I would be willing to torture people for £70 a month. Only tory people though.

  10. Not to worry hon, they're willing to torture people for much, much less...