Thursday, 31 March 2011

No future without history

Ooh, hark at her. Did I hit a nerve..?

You're so right. Best do nothing at all. Because protest never changed anything, did it?*

* for those too overcome with passivity & apathy to click: "The Equal Pay Act 1970 is an Act of the United Kingdom Parliament which prohibits any less favourable treatment between men and women in terms of pay and conditions of employment. It was passed by Parliament in the aftermath of the Ford Sewing Machinists Strike of 1968...

just one example from this country's looooong history of workers' struggles...


  1. And I went to all the trouble of adding a smiley to show you I was just teasing...

    Anyways, as far as I can tell teachers have been striking about one thing or another pretty much every year since I was a kid, so the law of averages means you're bound to get a result every thirty years or so.

  2. Yes, we like to strike because we don't get enough holiday time ;-)

  3. I was actively involved in my NUJ chapter some years ago as the health and safety rep. Sadly, there aren't too many hazards in an editorial office, so I never got the opportunity to leap onto my desk, roar "TOOLS DOWN, LADS" and hoist the red flag over a picket line, which was the only reason I joined the union in the first place.

  4. What can you mean? Paper cuts can be devastating.