Sunday, 27 March 2011


How could I turn moving images from a video into separate jpegs? Is there software that can do this or do I have to freeze, capture, paste images? (I'm after a kind of Muybridge effect that breaks down movements.)


  1. The free Windows Movie Maker has a slo-mo effect that you can just add to any given sequence. Otherwise you could just watch your video on Norfolk on our jerky slow broadband....

  2. After trying lots of free video and audio editing stuff I finally gave in and paid for a brilliant suite of programmes (it was around £30 - search for AVS video editor), lifetime updates and the video editing stuff is brilliant - it will certainly do what you are looking for.

    (Oh and hello - long time lurker here :) )

  3. cheers, Rog.

    Hi, Chatterbox. Thanks for that, will check it out :-)