Saturday, 5 March 2011

Red Shoes

I think this is the best thing I've ever ever seen in the theatre. Especially Patrycja Kujawska, a beautiful musician, dancer and actress. Go and see it!

Dance you shall. Dance you must!


  1. Why are they dancing in their vests and pants? Did they forget their kit?

  2. They begin in their vest and pants and then they get clothes out of different suitcases and put them on as they change characters. Reminds you that they are actors telling a story. It was genius. Also lots of echoes, eg of prisoners, immigrants or refugees, inmates at a madhouse...

    There were lots of over-excited teenagers in the audience. At one point one of the actors said in disbelief of a girl in the front row "she's on the phone!" He confiscated it and only gave it back in the third curtain call (retrieving it from his pants.) hahaha! That'll teach her.