Thursday, 31 March 2011

State of Play

There is nothing, literally nothing, I want to watch on TV these days.

But aha! What's this? I'd forgotten that I downloaded State of Play a while ago . How did I miss it the first time around?

If you've never seen it, it's genius. You can even watch it again and get new things out of it, and understand it in the light of the twists and turns. Paul Abbott had written Clocking Off, then a producer asked him to try writing 'something bigger' and he delivered in spades.

Also I really like David Morrissey - that is, I don't like him, he always plays very unsympathetic characters brilliantly. Which is brave and unusual for actors. John Simm is the opposite, always engaging. He's everyman, with a million dollar smile. And Bill Nighy, Kelly MacDonald, James McEvoy... a quality cast all around.

Trouble is I've watched it all in one go now. I wish I could wipe my memory and watch it over again.


  1. For weeks after I watched it, I found myself doing the Bill Nighy snortygrunty laugh thing. But when I did it I sounded like an asthmatic piglet, rather than one of the coolest men on the planet. Ho-hum.

  2. Oh Bill. He even made it worth watching The Boat That Rocked.