Sunday, 17 April 2011


graffitti by Slaminsky
graffitti, a photo by Slaminsky on Flickr.

I'm back (despite best efforts of Royal Air Maroc.) I love Morocco. More photos here. More coming...


  1. Better class ofgraffiti than arounc these parts. Rather Orwellian.

  2. Oh haven't you heard? While you were away, they announced the Death of Blogging, but it's for real this time.

    People are talking to each other. It's horrible.

    Welcome back, babe. :-)

  3. Ian, I wish I knew what it said.

    Tim, Nooooo! (I was reading Jonathan Coe's latest whilst away, in which his narrator completely pooh-poohs and disses Facebook and Twitter - blogs now clearly so moribund he didn't need to diss them.) Thanks petal.

    Arabella - indeed.

    B - I'm going back. I will be staying at La Mamounia next time...