Friday, 1 April 2011

On addiction

Everybody laughs at my phone. It's as if I pull one of these out of my bag.

It works. It serves its purpose. I should probably update it.

I am scared to get a smartphone though, then my internet addiction will be complete. There will be no escape. I'll turn into one of those tedious people who pulls their phone out at the dinner table and starts checking their Twitter or their email.

If I was to get a smartphone though, which one should I get? (Not getting an iPhone because of the Chinese suicide factories though.)


  1. I hear ya. Ever since I got an Android (HTC Legend or Hero or something), I am now constantly online and am convinced that I will die getting knocked over by a car as I cross the street and don't look both ways because I'm reading Facebook. Anyway, it's fab. Broke it last week when I spilled vodka into it in Poland though and am now just using a phone instead. Lost.

  2. I agree with Pleite - an Android phone with a slidey out keyboard will meet your requirements. HTC do good ones.

  3. OH my i am in a funk. I am unsure of any good ones, I do hear the HTC is good!

  4. I just moved from a stone age phone to an HTC HD android thing. It has a HUGE screen, great for middle aged long sightedness, and lets me stroke it. So, I have fallen in love a little bit, and I do gaze at it more than is healthy. It is very big though, so no good for pockets. Also expensive :(

    So you are right, it is a very slippery slope and there is definitely no going back.

  5. I have a phone that has internet access, I think, but I never use it because I'm also on Pay As You Go so it costs twelve quid a second. My friend tells me that only drug dealers and teenagers are still using Pay As You Go.


    LC Orange don't have a slidey out one. Bah. I like the HTC ones.

    Hey Amber, that's what I hear.

    Chatterbox, I know. I don't need one, I want one. I'm resisting. I can't resist... That's capitalism.

    Annie - ME TOO! But you're still more of a grownup than me cos you know how to drive now.

  7. You think only eye phones are made in Chinese factories with poor conditions?

    On the other hand, I respect you're at least trying to take an ethical stance. Me? ... Shiny thing... Make it all better!

  8. Rad, I know, I know... if I was really ethical I'd stick with my antique phone...

  9. If you're dead set against eye phones then check out the gooseberry or the H T C's. I know peeps that have them and seem adequately pleased.

    I however, love my eye phone! :D