Thursday, 21 April 2011

Time Capsule

First my computer broke then my iPod broke, but then I found this magic software & it rescued all my old mp3s.

In celebration I will be posting the Vintage Slaminsky Mixtapes here. Whether you like it or not.

They were made in 2006, then swallowed by Switchpod when it went down,and I haven't listened to them since. It's like opening a time capsule.

First up; Mix Tape Number 1, with Thom Yorke & PJ remixed with Miss Kitten, The Knife, the Raveonettes, etc etc. Enjoy.

(Talking of time capsule, going away made me think of what it's like to live abroad again, and how very very tempting it is to just fuck off when you are, well, fucked off.

I find myself on the British Council website, looking at jobs in Barcelona. Before I wasn't qualified, now I am. Hmmm...

Quick, talk me out of it, I know it's a blind alley really.)


  1. Go on, go and join the British Council in Barcelona, then you can book your blogchums to come out and give learned talks. Claim we're all celebrated avant garde poets, nobody will know the difference. And we can climb up the Sagrada Familia and drink sherry and eat octopus and do Manuel impressions.

    Yeah, blind alley.

  2. That would be wonderful, but it wouldn't be working for the British Council itself (that's only reserved for posh rich people) so much as the schools. ie still teaching kids but little Spanish kids.

    I do wonder how people get to book the artists etc. It seems a closed shop.

  3. runawayrunawayrunawayrunawayrunaway!

  4. Bad bloggers! You are meant to be discouraging me!

    I'm thinking about it.

  5. YES, you should come back to Barcelona! Really really really you should! Yes, yes, it makes so much sense, too much sense! Right, that's settled then (*crosses fingers and makes wishes*).

  6. We shall speak of this anon...