Sunday, 22 May 2011

Can I kick it?

No I can't.

Just got back from initial meeting about the V&A exhibition. Before I was just mildly panicking but now I'm truly freaking. Seriously, it's too hard, too complex for my poor tiny non-art-school trained non-conceptual brain to cope with. (To be fair, apparently lots more experienced/well-known & famous people were scratching their heads over this one. It is not a simple idea like the last one at all.)

In half term I have a meeting with a curator from the V&A and he's going to show us whatever we want to see in the archives for inspiration. He emailed to say we can let him know and he'll find it for us.

At the moment, I just feel like emailing him back with 'Duh?' This most closely represents my thought processes right now.

This is all harder than it looks, you know.


  1. It is SO hard! It can all be so overwhelming. You'll probably figure it out when you're relaxed though, rather than stressing about it. I find creative / visual solutions come to me when I'm in the bath or washing the dishes.

    I'm so excited for you though. This is such a great gig. Well done. x

  2. Thanks Annie. Words of wisdom from someone who knows. I know you're right about relaxing, it's exciting but also feel a bit out of my depth... Still we have some time to think about it.

  3. I may have missed the point, but the curator sounds like a nice, helpful chap. Might he not be able to help? Or at least to put your mind at rest?

  4. I've been round Blythe House and there are BILLIONS of things there!

    And remember, everyone else knows a lot less than they look as though they know.

  5. He does sound lovely Tim, I think visiting him will help. Though we're meant to visit him with an idea already in our minds and visiting is just the research. Without being able to say too much about it, it's because the brief is very wide but also quite hard to grasp.

    Rog, cool! "With the buildings blacked out to help preserve the objects, the building is now a dark and brooding space filled floor to ceiling with thousands of weird and wonderful things that most people will never see. How I'd love to visit.

    And another thing, whilst we're on the subject of visiting galleries - I think it's outrageous that you can only visit the Government Art Collection on guided tours 3 times a month! Who paid for this art?