Friday, 13 May 2011


You are probably heartily sick of these by now but I thought I'd share these photos taken in situ by professional photographer Neil Juggins of the exhibition. (It was in Anna Freud's bedroom, I couldn't take pictures because they were roped off, so this makes me happy. ) Anyway I like 'em.

My 'installation' is off next on a little jaunt to this year's Leytonstone Art Trail, where it will be hanging in the children's library at Leytonstone Library.

Currently working on a linocut of the Red Shoes. Specifically the bit where she is sitting in church but instead of praying she is having naughty sinful thoughts about her beautiful new red shoes. And who could blame her.

I've got a million more ideas about the red shoes, all kind of kinetic projects, I just want to be doing that now. Does anybody have an old record player that plays 78s that they don't want knocking around? Or know where I can get one?

starting to cut the lino

Work just gets in the way of this. You have to be really organised & focussed to get anything done. Like those novelists who get up at 4.00 am to write for hours before the day job. I'm not that driven. I'm a hopeless amateur. Still, I'm interviewing for a portfolio course at the City Lit in July - cross fingers.


  1. Love this, and don't worry about not getting up at 4am. They don't really do that.
    Intrigued, for various reasons, to see that Anna had horse-head bookends.

  2. Thank you! Ha, I hadn't noticed they were horse-heads. (Freud's house is stuffed with knick-knacks.)