Sunday, 8 May 2011


The spring is making me restless. Stay or go? I know really I don't want to teach abroad though, I just want to live abroad. Having a nice time and not working.

I could move here in London, just to shake it up, though I love my peaceful, lovely quiet house and lovely peaceful quiet bedroom. A friend (not from London, doesn't have any ideas or preconceptions or London allegiances) has just bought a place in the Docklands. Far out along the river. Why would you buy there otherwise? Pah, I think secretly. New builds. New town. No character. No history.

But then I visit.

I could live here, I think.


  1. Liverpool?? Cool - I could come and visit!

  2. Oh maybe it's not Liverpool - where is this place?

  3. Am intrigued by the Gurkha cafe. What must the cutlery be like? And what do they do to you if you send a dish back?

  4. Sarah, it's in the Docklands.

    The cutlery is two big curved swords, Tim. Makes it tricky to cut up your food. They disembowel you if you send the food back.

    (Actually it was staffed by a real proper actual Nepalese family. It looked like a lovely cafe, definitely going back there.)

  5. Love the pics. You just keep getting better xx

  6. Aw thank you Annie, that is a real compliment coming from you. I want to buy an SLR, what one do you have? (in the vain hope it makes my photos look like yours...)