Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Sex workers collective

Apparently they are bringing back the Playboy Bunny clubs (but attempting to disassociate themselves from the founder, because that image is sleazy, rather than classy. Right.)

It made me think - wherever there are strip clubs, and beautiful young girls, somewhere in the background you always find an ugly old man making money out of them. It doesn't seem right or fair. Their youth and good looks being exploited and they are treated like property, however much money they might make in a night.

What I wonder is why the girls don't form a collective and set up their own club and make their own money - why give it all to someone else? It's not like there's a pension scheme for strippers, and it's not a job you can do forever.

Did it ever go away?


  1. Well, in terms of having-sex-work, you get prosecuted if you so much as share a flat with another working girl. Strip clubs I'm not so sure about.

  2. Did you ever see this magnificent programme? They seemed to come to the conclusion that the NZ co-op (this was the word I was looking for) seemed to be the best way to go.

  3. Heard about it when I was doing a bunch of sex work research the other year, but alas, never saw it. The room-rental thing seems good too (how it's meant to work in Amsterdam and in some brothels here).

  4. Ah - it is still on 4oD if you are ever back here, really worth seeing. Sometimes channel 4 still show good documentaries. The law is baffling. (Also seen in paper today about drugs war - I paraphrase 'We're not going to legalise drugs because DRUGS ARE BAD.')

  5. Good point. Surely it's possible to run somewhere without the help of a dirty old man. Of course, exploitation will always be the centre of the industry because of the punters.