Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Tedious meetings

Arse-numbing soul-sapping pointless fuckwitted tedious meetings? On child-sized chairs? Of no use to man nor beast? Every week?

Let us compile of list of things to while away the time, without drawing attention to oneself. It can only be of benefit to everyone, surely I can't be the only one. (The phrase 'let's not, and say we did' comes into my mind regularly every Tuesday afternoon.)

  • Doodling, or using your colleagues as extempore life models - slightly risky as might be noticed and draw down ire of bosses.
  • Kugel exercises - excellent use of the time, I just checked and men can do them too, hurrah!
  • compose slash fiction in head featuring favourite fictional or real characters.
Go on, give me some more ideas, before I expire from boredom & frustration.


  1. I idle away the time by forming highly pornographic mental images of any vaguely attractive members of the opposite sex who happen to be in the meeting with me.

    Although I tend to do the same with people on the tube, people in the supermarket, people who's blogs I comment on, you name it really.

  2. The child sized chairs means you could pretend you are having an adventure in Lilliput. Or MFI.

    And thanks so much for chipping in at www.justgiving.com/kazblog -you are officially one of the good guys!

    (ps I'm cycling 175 miles - don't talk to me about "arse numbing"!)

  3. LC - pervert. (There is little excuse to perve at work, sadly.)

    Rog, I wish your arse better! Bon chance! x

  4. I doodle with intent - I once made a whole series of mountain sketches which I wanted for another drawing, I've drawn out patterns I want for other arty things I'm doing.

    Makes good use of wasted time.