Friday, 10 June 2011

Mmm firemen

Walking out of work, I see a fire engine parked up outside a local tower block. There's a smoky scent in the air, but no smoke, no fire.

I cut around the back of the flats to get to the bus stop when lo! There are firemen, actual firemen, a whole posse of them, in their lovely reflective uniforms and helmets, walking out of the building.

(One of our school trips is to visit a fire station, where you get a safety talk and get to watch the firemen wield a hose, I've never managed to get on this trip. They keep telling me it's because it's not my year group and I have to stay in my own class & teach, but this just seems mean. *)

One of them is tall, black and handsome. He looks up as I come down the steps. I look back. Cor. They all turn left as I turn right, but I look back to check him once last time before he disappears out of my life forever and he's looking back too, he really really is! That's when I stumble down the steps and twist my ankle. Arses. Minus 10 groovy points, as my friend Dave would say.

*Did you know there's a dating website called Uniform Dating? Unfortunately not eligible, teachers don't have a uniform.


  1. Time to become a special constable or St Johns Ambulance volunteer, just for the uniform.

  2. Now that's lateral thinking.

    I'm kidding, I do think they accept civilians.

  3. There is a firestation near my work - wanna come to their local. I am always scared to go in by myself - it's so overwhelming - all those uniforms...

  4. A pub for firemen? It's like something out of a dream...