Thursday, 9 June 2011


top & skirt by Slaminsky
top & skirt, a photo by Slaminsky on Flickr.

Did I mention finding a vintage 60s Pucci suit for four quid in a charity shop? I think I did on Twitter. Don't like to repeat myself but it was exciting. Not a label whore but this was like finding a little bit of sixties history. It says minis & bubble cars, Julie Christie and swinging London.

Now, keep or sell? It's not really me, but it's not going to make my fortune in reality, and it is a lovely thing.


  1. why not wear it as separates rather than as a suit? Also - vintage size 8? You go girl.

  2. Absolutely agree with GSE - keep,keep,keep and wear!

  3. Thanks, ladies. I think I will, for a while anyway. Yes, the suit is a bit psychedelic when worn altogether.

    GSE, I think we established with the bra posts that sizes on women's clothes bear a very tenuous relationship to reality.