Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Crap girly post

So I write cross posts about politics and how I hate my job, but what I secretly really enjoy reading on blogs these days is girly stuff about fashion and nice places to shop.

Enough of boring posts about politics! Let us embrace the world of nice things, and you know, stuff.

So autumn is on the way and all the dark autumn colours are back in the shops already. Same colours every year, like clockwork. Plum. Mustard. Forest Green.

And every winter it's the same, I buy an expensive woolly hat (which I think I look FANTASTIC in, though I may be deluding myself - colleagues: "That is not a good hat" "Alright, Grannie Annie?" ) and almost immediately lose it, on the tube, in the pub, or it just vanishes into a mysterious other-world of hats somewhere, like all the lost odd socks.

The beautiful pale blue woven beanie from Agnes B. The grey cashmere cableknit beret from same. The countless wool berets of every colour from Accessorize, gone.

I don't deserve a hat. But I need one. It is part of my desire to look chic carefree and Parisian over the long winter months and not just like a cold, downtrodden wageslave shivering at the bus stop for 9 months of the year.

Want to get ahead? Get a hat

Hat recommendations, leave them in the comments box.

(I like this one, but don't think I have the je ne sais quoi to carry it off.)


  1. Shouldn't it go Plum, Mustard, Scarlett. With lead piping.

  2. I think it suits you! Geez I hope you purchased that - you can rock that hat! :)

  3. I want this

    but I think the cats would claw my eyes out trying to climb onto my head for the feathers

  4. I never realised the fashion world was so influenced by Cluedo, Rog.

    Thanks Sar - I think it was about £200 so out of my league.

    That is one glamorous item GSE. Not good for
    keeping your ears warm though.

  5. If you want to get ahead, get a hot hat. I love that one - the furry one. I think it's very cool.
    A couple of years ago I got a great handmade felt hat from the Mauerpark for my mum - one of those "I want this so I bought it for you" presents. If you imagine something a bit like the hat that the Soviet girl on the cover of the Manics' single Revol is wearing, crossed with a 1920s Weimar cloche, in grey with a red flower cutout appliquéd on.

  6. This is true but as it just perches on top I don't need to worry about how my head is too big, which it is for most hats.

  7. a nice felt cloche. can't go wrong. they suit just about everyone.

  8. Don't want to add to the pressure or anything, but I think you need different hats for different moods, occasions and weather.

    The knitted mohawk does not look waterproof ...

  9. Hi Macy! Yes you're right. Fortunately (or unfortunately) I found that Yoox does a gazillion hats. Waterproof - oh no I will have to buy a new umbrella to match...

  10. This one!

    I love it. Factory worker/Soviet chic combined with a mid-century Hollwyood turban.

  11. That is gorgeous. That site is pretty lethal, I think.

    I tried another on in Agnes B today. Must... resist...

  12. I will knit you one this year! Strawberry?


  13. That would be fab! I'd love it! x