Tuesday, 27 September 2011

More scents

Let us not speak of work. At the moment, it's unspeakable.

To distract myself (yes, it's like being in a sand-trap - you spend money to cheer yourself up, because you don't like your work, thus trapping you in a cycle of working to earn money then spending it as a reward for spending your time working instead of doing something fulfilling - THAT'S CAPITALISM) I've bought more perfume. We'll see how this works as a strategy - when they finally break me through overwork, I'll be the most fragrant woman in the loony bin at least.

This one is called Tea for Two & it's based on Lapsang Souchong. I also have one called Earl Grey, I must like to smell like a nice cup of tea. I found one the other day 'I Love Les Carrottes' which smells exactly like carrots. It's quite amazing, what these perfumers can do, but I wonder how many people think 'what I'd really like to smell like is carrots.' Mm, sexy. I like the smell of fish and chips, but would you want it as your signature scent?

If you could bottle anything, what would be your signature scent?


  1. A combination of dark chocolate, Border terriers and Phoebe Cates getting her kit off.

  2. LC - for you, I prescribe Cumming the fragrance (I'm not making this up.) The smell of lighting your cigars with fifty pound notes in a gentlemen's club, apparently.

    The next on my list is Fou d'Absinthe, imagine that, absinthe flavoured perfume.

    Tim, tee hee! For you, this one. Mmm lovely dark chocolate. But then, "I love your scent, what are you wearing...?" "BIG PONY."

  3. I keep meaning to get to a place that GSE recommended to get a vanilla mix for the winter...

  4. Sawdust and Shiner Bock.

  5. B, a place in Berlin? I must visit next time.

    Arabella, there's something for everyone!


    Maybe try dabbing Shiner Bock behind your ears?

  6. You know what? Apropos my last comment (on your previous post) I think mine would have to be the warm, pleasantly aromatic scent of bed as I hide under the duvet all day listening to Radio Four. And here, especially for you, is the link to that programme I was telling you about: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aGN9CuU59z0

  7. particularly enjoying Thought for the Day.
    "Would God have a bidet, I wonder...?"