Sunday, 16 October 2011

On traffiking

"The officers who arrived saw that the 3 bedroomed house was no regular property. Steel bars shielded its windows, an iron gate guarded a reinforced front door. Inside, a generous network of CCTV cameras monitored its corridors. The solid steel entrance 'looked like a police cell door'. Whoever owned the place was either paranoid of intruders or keen to keep people from escaping."
from utterly depressing article by Mark Townsend on child sex traffiking in the Observer today

Fucking hell, who are these men who are happy to visit brothels like these? If you have to go through reinforced steel doors to a room with bars on the window to have sex, chances are the woman (or kid?) is not there through her own free will. Could you even call them brothels? They are more like prisons.

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