Sunday, 13 November 2011


I removed the last post because it seemed churlish, especially as I spent most of yesterday frantic because I thought one of my colleagues might have been knocked down and killed on Bow roundabout when I couldn't get hold of her on Facebook, text or voicemail.

Turns out she was in the pub and was fine. I guess I must care about them a bit after all.

Also, why are the government and TfL so bloody laissez-faire when it comes to cyclists being killed? The car truly is king...


  1. Yes, pedestrians and cyclists take second place to cars in this country. The cycle lanes are laughable.

  2. What was horrific about this story is that it happened on a new 'cycle superhighway' meant to be the main cycle route to the Olympics. 2 cyclists have been killed there in the last three weeks!

    But "the cycling superhighway stops completely on the roundabout... This is because Newham Council do not want the blue cycle lane going up to Stratford yet." ???

    Yet because of the Olympic building works there are so many HGVs crossing this junction. So more cyclists + more HGVs + blind spots = more deaths.

    What does TfL do? Shrug their shoulders.