Saturday, 24 December 2011

Animals and Children

Because that was an odd post to end the year on, I leave you with this as a Merry Christmas instead, The Animals and Children Took To The Streets.

The Animals and the Children took the Streets, Trailer from Paul Barritt` on Vimeo.

It is a magical, breathtaking show that I've been trying to score tickets for since last year when it sold out at the Battersea Arts Centre. Now it's on at the National. It's absolutely beautiful, featuring live action and animation, references early cinema, expressionism, gorgeous music, brilliant writing, feral children running wild from their ghetto through the wealthy city, and some prescient references to the summer riots.

The play features something called Granny's Gumdrops which some moody, leopardskin clad usherettes handed out in old-fashioned stripey paper bags at the beginning. Everyone munched them before the show started, then realised later on they were a part of the plot - in the story the sweets are filled with drugs to pacify and control the feral children. I loved this interactive joke with the audience.

1927 (the theatre company) desperately make me want to run away to join the theatre. For my Berlin friends, , they are coming to do opera in Berlin next year, get tickets at any cost.

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