Friday, 9 December 2011

Baaaaaaaaaaah, humbug

Everyone is talking about the Christmas dinner, what food they're going to make, what booze they're going to buy, what music they're going to rig up in the hall... But me, I've got to the point where I hate everyone and everything, and only great force of will is getting me up out of bed to work in the mornings.

I'm also avoiding the calls of the agency I signed up with. Jack keeps leaving plaintive messages asking me to call, he has a job lined up for January. I've had enough of schools, and kids, and interviews. I haven't called back in two days. Why won't everyone just leave me alone?

Might be just a little bit S.A.D.


  1. I recommend SAD lamps. Look how happy mine has made me.

  2. I thought about the lamp thing. But then got angry and more depressed about the fact that I'm living in a country devoid of light for half the year and reduced to being tricked like a budgie with a blanket on its cage.
    So I didn't buy the lamp. I produce my own light and vitamin D by slowly seething.

  3. teehee! It's not right, is it?