Friday, 27 January 2012


I ended up watching Above Suspicion and getting hooked. I don't generally like crime on TV because they always seem to be about somebody gruesomely murdering women - somehow this story has become mainstream and accessible, also a little bit sexy; just to compare, imagine if every time you turned the telly on it was a drama about some OAP or a kid being brutally killed, you'd find it a bit twisted wouldn't you? But women between their teens and their fifties are fair game, apparently.

Anyway (sorry got sidetracked) I watched this because it starred Kelly Reilly, a redheaded goddess, (just do a Google image search, then bow down and worship) and Ciaran Hinds, and they are both compelling actors. But it was still Lynda LaPlante. I am able to suspend disbelief quite happily but this was so full of holes even someone as dopey and technically clueless as me could see them.

In the second series, a clever drugs crime lord has plastic surgery so he can't be detected. He marches confidently into the police station and then the incident room, pretending he's from the FBI, just so he can find out a witness' home address from the bulletin board.

Here is my question for you: could he not have saved himself the trouble, dear reader, by checking first on 192?


  1. Without answering your question, I feel compelled to say that I'm quite in love with Kelly Reilly. thanks for the excuse for the google image search. Is it un-pc to say 'yummy'?

    She's done an Agatha Christie as well (was it After the Funeral? or Third Girl?). Sm-o-king hot in a way Agatha Christie rarely is.

    1. Sad cypress. My memory has not failed altogether.

  2. God, Kelly Reilly, I would marry her so hard...

  3. I know. I would be gay for Kelly Reilly. Get in line, boys.

    I think she needs to watch out for her career though, and stop doing dodgy ITV dramas. She belongs on the A list.

  4. Happy to share, but only because it's you.

    *spends a quiet ten minutes daydreaming about the potential living arrangements*

  5. Yes, just imagine. It'd be just like 'Man About The House', but directed by John Waters.