Saturday, 7 January 2012


A while back I stopped paying attention to planet Celeb in any way. Bread and Circuses, innit.

But was genuinely quite saddened by Russell Brand and Katy Perry getting divorced. Not that it was unexpected, it was inevitable and that's what makes it depressing. Men like him are depressing. I mean, she is gorgeous, talented, successful, young. Fancied by many other people. Famous. She has that cheeky twinkle in her eye. She's a fantasy figure. She's got everything going for her that could impress the superficial celeb.

But she's also just a real woman, like any other woman. He would be bored with anyone eventually. Men like him won't ever be happy with one person. They are always looking over a woman's shoulder to see who they can shag next. I wonder why they even bother, if people are so disposable to them. * If it's just about affirming how irresistible he is, he might as well just wank in front of a mirror. But if Russell Brand could only look into his future he'd see Hugh Hefner, and that is pretty grim.

*to be fair I also don't understand the pyschology of women who are attracted to men like this. "Let me be the next notch on your bedpost, please?"


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  2. Not sure how you can feel sorry for her, she knew exactly what she was getting into. Somebody like her can take her pick, and she picked a legendary philanderer - what did she think was going to happen?

    Brand's fairly easy to understand - he wants to shag lots of different women, that opportunity is open to him, so he takes it. A life of endless casual sex is not necessarily a bad thing from a male perspective.

    In any case - according to the gossip rags, the reasoning behind the divorce is that he wants to settle down and start a family, while she does not, rather than any extra-marital swordsmanship on his part.

  3. I love it that you outed yourself as a reader of gossip rags.

    Did I say I felt sorry for her? It’s just sad. And also ‘she picked a legendary philanderer’ ‘he wants to shag lots of different women’ – so why get married? I’m not a defender of marriage but isn’t the point of it a) monogamy and b) long term?

    I understand the serial shagger, I do, but I also find it a puzzle. It doesn’t seem to come out of any desire for the other person but out of a desire to prove that they can. It’s like they are interested in VARIETY and THE CHASE but it’s so fleeting and casual you might as well be shagging a hole in the wall - one orgasm is pretty much like another, it’s just the other person who makes it special, but it’s not like you have interest in the actual human being you are with. So why not stick with the same person for a while?

  4. All part of the job - I skim a selection of broadsheets and tabloids every morning to stay on top of the news agenda, innit.

    >>so why get married?

    To be fair to the man, is there any suggestion that he's been putting it about since they got married?

    >>> desire to prove that they can.

    I think that's a fairly cynical interpretation of people's motivation for having sex. Is it so hard to believe that a man might just enjoy having an active and varied sex life? Casual sex with randoms is really, really good fun, every new person is different and exciting in their own unique way.

  5. Nooo, twist my words! I assumed they are divorcing because he no longer wants to be with her, possibly because he would prefer to be out having anonymous sex with random partners instead, guilt-free. But what do we know anyway.

    I know, I get it. It’s appealing for women too! And people go through stages of it. It’s just people who do that forever and ever, because there always might be someone better looking, or famous-er, or kinkier, or whatever, on the horizon...

  6. Good grief, just had a referrer from Playboy, no kidding.

    *waves at the bunnies*