Sunday, 22 January 2012

New blogs

Two new blogs you should really add to your links. Or your reader. Or follow them, or whatever it is you do.

Who's Your Daddy
(quick, before he disappears again.)

Some Miscommunication


  1. I'm not going to disappear again, I'm just going to be more boring and talk about the kind of parenting blah that you hot young singletons don't care about.

  2. Miscommunicant, you're welcome

    LC 'hot young singletons' that makes me laugh, then cry.

    Yeah yeah, we've heard it all before.

  3. I've got a new blog too! New to this blogging, but they say I'm supposed to engage in conversations with others!

  4. Hello Yvrdad. You should make blog friends with Who's Your Daddy.