Wednesday, 4 January 2012


It feels very peculiar not to be back at work. It's not the triumph that people imagine. It would be if this was a hiatus before I started something new.

Every night before I drop off to sleep I get a moment of PANIC - my conscience gives me a nudge (it's more like an electric cattle prod) saying "You've got no job! You've got no money! You've got a mortgage! You've got rent! What are you doing about it, fatso? Going to sleep?" I tell my conscience to shut up, I'll deal with it tomorrow.

Much as I am dreading the thought of supply, I will have to get onto it eventually. On the upside, it is Wednesday of the first week back and I have lined up interviews for voluntary work thus:
1.) a part time cataloguing job in the Bishopsgate Institute Library
2.) archive work at some cultural archives
3.) a lovely contact with a promise of work at an art library in Bloomsbury in the future.

See what you can do when work doesn't get in your way?


  1. Jealous - seriously jelous - all those little temp jobs sound perfect for you!

  2. I know ducky, the only thing is they're unpaid...

  3. I know that moment of PANIC (it's waking me up at 4am every morning just now). Recommend MP3s on Buddhism and sleep hypnosis. Empty the mind... empty the mind...

  4. Aw. I hope you will get lots of lovely money and work your way this year. In fact I wish that for ALL OF US.

  5. I still wake up panicking about the crappy job I had for four days in November, thinking to myself I've let them down and I'll never get anything else and should beg them to have me back. Bed is not a good place to think.

  6. No. Tell your conscience to piss off, Geoff. You did the right thing.

  7. Well, this morning at 4am I happened on the solution to the two pieces of work I've been puzzling over all week. So there you go. Maybe there's something to be said for 4am after all.

    To money, work and useful thoughts at 4am!