Thursday, 16 February 2012


Good tachesBtoy C215 graffittiLaceLace
statueBellesFan room postcardpostcardGoliard
postcardfour of heartstin milagrostin milagrosMmmmm cakesBtoy lady
Barcelona stencilPluma Lapiz

Barcelona b, a set on Flickr.

I left my camera at home, and the first day we went out I even left my phone at home, bah. These were all taken on my phone, so not the best quality.

The theme of this trip seemed to be Looking at Stuff. We looked at Stuff in junk shops and the museum of the barking mad Victorian collector Frederic Marès, who is like the Catalan version of John Soanes or Henry Wellcome. We skipped the downstairs rooms, which are creepily room after room of life size crucifixes.

Thanks to Em and Dave for hospitality and fine food.

In other news, I have messed up my ankle bad. It's been hurting for months, I thought, if I leave it alone it will go away. Now I can't walk on it at all. I was hopping and shuffling down the streets of Barcelona. It might be achilles tendonitis, which is something that runners often get through being over-sporty. How can I be damaged when I never do any sport whatsoever? And sporty people, how can you fix a knackered achilles tendon?


  1. I remember those crucifixes. Spooky.

    You can get tennis elbow from never playing tennis so I suppose anything's possible. I've got weak ankles but my pain goes quite quickly. I'd get yours checked out.

  2. Geoff, you win the internet for actually leaving a comment. It's like the Marie Celeste round here these days.

    Did you visit the Frederic Marès? I was waiting and waiting for the non-spooky collections galleries to be open, and finally they were.

    I will visit the doctor tomorrow. In a cab.

  3. achilles - I've had that problem (and many others relating to my legs. Am currently recuperating from a fractured toe and a severely sprained ankle). The only thing to do is use a cold compress and ice, with lots of rest. It has to heal by itself.

    Whether that's a price worth paying is a second issue. I've got a wrecked left leg right now, but it's not worth the time off fighting to let it heal.

  4. Engage some slaves to carry you everywhere on a velvet palanquin. Sorted.

  5. Miscommunicant - ow! Poor foot and leg. I will try the ice.

    Tim, I'd like that a lot.

  6. Or a big burly man to carry you around in a papoose on his back, like that midget in Mad Max 3, Beyond the Thunderdome, staring Mel Gibson, Tina Turner and Bob Hornery.

  7. Good, I like it. Any volunteers?