Monday, 11 June 2012

Supervision staff

Seen in the Metro, made me choke on my lunch today. This is the dark & sinister creep of privatisation we're seeing.
Let's see what happens when we swap 'teacher' for 'doctor' in this scenario.

Supervision staff required from September 2012. Candidates are required to have presence and authority in order to be able to cover for absent doctors. A flexible approach to work is required as other duties will be assigned if cover duties are light. Ability to diagnose and medical qualifications are not required as full training will be given. 

Would you feel happy if this was the service when you went to see your GP? Probably not.

Still, it's not that important really, not as life or death as medicine. It's not as serious as all that, is it.
After all, it's only education. 


  1. that's terrifying. also, how do you judge 'presence and authority'? put people in a room with children and see who scares them the most? Are we going to wind up with unhinged veterans shouting drill-sergeantish things at five year olds?

  2. Yes. (though this is a secondary school, I'm imagining the poor inexperienced supervisors cowering behind their desk as the class throws missiles and spits at them.)

    I'm so glad I'm out of it now but can't help but be riled when I see this.

    If anybody's interested to read more about the Harris Academy, "Lord Harris of Peckham", Carpetright (I think he floated a suggestion at one point that teachers who did well should be repaid in discount carpets, no kidding) and the whole dodgy, sorry saga of state education being turned into a money spinner for Tory party donors... read all about it here and here -

    There's money to be made out of schools, especially if you're replacing trained qualified staff with unqualified Supervisors and paying them £14,000 a year to control classes of feral teenagers.

  3. Money, money, more money...