Tuesday, 3 July 2012

the O word

How are you feeling about the O word? Psyched? Excited? Patriotic because the world's eyes are on us?

No, me neither.  In fact me neither to the power of 100.  I am malcoordinated, short-sighted,  non-competitive & not interested in sport.  (That's a bit understated. A character in 'Any Human Heart', trying to convince a priest of his atheism, says "No plumbline can fathom the depths of my faithlessness." Similarly, no plumbline can fathom the depths of my indifference to the O word.)

I hate crowds, especially during my commute, especially  dopey tourists who leave their brains in the home country and clutter up the public transport during rush hour.

It was especially clever of me then to get a job commuting from Leytonstone through Stratford (GAMES CENTRAL) to North Greenwich (GAMES VENUE) through the summer season.

Still, I love it. It's Not Teaching.


  1. I have absolutely no interest at all, other than in getting irate at the crass and almost hilariously incongruous commercialism (apparently the athlete's 'bar' sells only Coke or Powerade. No water). There's a bloody huge O logo in the middle of Edinburgh which is particularly ridiculous given that nothing O related is happening up here.

  2. Cheer up. Paula Radcliffe might do a poo on the street outside your house.

  3. GSE, that's outrageous. I bet the Scots love it.

    Tim, at last, something to look forward to...

  4. Disgust, rage, depression (about the Olympics).

  5. Doesn't seem to me like the best time to host an expensive and pointless sports extravaganza. Then again, is there ever a good time?

  6. I'm massively excited about it because we're getting flexible working hours to cope with the congestion. That means I can arrive at 7:30 and leave at 4:30 if I like - my plan is to tell my wife I need to start work early, but not mention the flexi-working arrangement. This should buy me a couple of hours in the pub after work every night for the best part of a month.

    In other news, I have become a stereotypical seventies sitcom husband.

  7. Arabella, yes. Fuel your rage here https://twitter.com/#!/spacehijackers

    TB, I know, right?

    LC, ironically I am working for the company responsible for transportation in this fair city. But no flexitime for us, and people who can work from home have not been allowed to out of principle, (which seems silly.) So I will be dealing with irate customers all cross because the transport is buggered, after my own hellish journey to and from work.

    I hate you.