Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Shoot the messenger

or, Don't bring me problems, bring me solutions

The Hammersmith Flyover is closed. "the structure was originally designed to have under-road heating, but instead years of salt and grit being used in icy conditions had eroded the cables which help support the road"

90,000 vehicles per day travel along the 900m route.

Engineers found that it was in danger of collapsing and it was shut down just before Christmas.

Instead of thanking the engineers for saving many, many people in their vehicles from a potential horrific, nightmare collapsing ancient bridge pile-up armageddon of DEATH in the nick of time, people are moaning at them for the ensuing traffic.

Being a teacher is like being one of these engineers.


  1. The poverty story disgusts me. We have some of Europe's highest levels of poverty within (and I choose my words carefully here) spitting distance of one of the west's wealthiest financial capitals. Recession or no, we should be fucking ashamed of this state of affairs.

    I'm loving the Hammersmith Flyover thing though. I work in Glamourshit, and the roads into town are empty at the moment, which makes cycling to the office a lot less dramatic in the mornings.

    I realise that this post isn't actually about either of those issues, but that's hardly my problem, is it?

  2. It is sort of about those issues. The poverty thing is why Gove's scapegoating of teachers is chokingly hypocritical - pretending like there's a level playing field for these kids, and the only thing impacting on their life chances is bad teachers. Don't get me started... Just you be sweet to the teachers when junior goes to school.

    I used to work in Hammersmith, it's like paradise compared to Bow. *impressed with the cycling*