Sunday, 12 August 2012

Next project

about Pavement-mongers and smoke-doctors, over here 

In fact,you can help with this. I need significant people, places, events that you associate with Westminster. From any time in history.

I'm trying not to go for the obvious (eg Big Ben & the Houses of Parliament) or it will be too corny.

And preferably I'm after associations that people will have heard of - not personal memories (like, the time you had a whitey on the Poll Tax march down the Mall, because you'd been to a house party in Peckham the night before & had drunk and smoked and had no sleep and then got up and marched, marched, marched with a riotous crowd in a heatwave with no water.)

Help me out here. Westminster.



  1. Can't seem to comment on your other blog so - re the book you can't find again: Can you remember if the book was in archive or regular stacks? That and century of publication might make it stand out on their online holdings...

  2. Brian Haw, the anti-war protester who camped outside Parliament for what seemed like an eternity, comes to mind.

  3. On Waitangi Day (6th February) New Zealander's in London have taken to doing a mass haka at Parliament Square.

  4. Arabella, it was in the regular stacks - I think I know where too, but I feel a bit foolish going in there as the books are all behind glass so it's hard to rifle through them.

    Miscommunicant, Brian Haw is a brilliant idea. Mark Wallinger beat me to the punch though.

    Hello, Anonymous. I like this crazy idea.