Thursday, 20 September 2012

Bad feminist

Big campaign at the moment to get rid of Page Three.

I know it's very admirable and everything, but when you see stories about little girls getting acid thrown in their faces by the Taliban for having the temerity to go to school and get an education, it's hard to get so worked up about tits in the newspaper.  We've got to choose our battles, haven't we?


  1. There are so many better reasons to kick The Sun anyway. (And if we ban Page 3, are we also going to ban the gratuitous boobs in things like Game of Thrones?)

    1. Not to mention Torso of the Week in Heat* and all other topless pics of chaps in glossy mags.

      *Which I only know about because the girls in the office are always carping on about it, alright? How is that any more acceptable than me phwaoring over Lovely Kelly from Chipping Sodbury at my desk?

  2. Girls getting acid thrown in their face by the Taliban isn't really a gender issue, it's a religious extremist arsehole issue - they're doing disgusting things to women, children and men alike.

    The question is, what do you do about it? "Raising Awareness" isn't going to cut it, and they're unlikely to respond to pressure from the likes of Amnesty International. Economic sanctions? They're already broke and increasing their poverty level isn't going to help.

    How about we send a bunch of men with big guns to get rid of them in favour of more progressive leaders? Already tried it, not working out too well, and not a particularly popular option.

    So you can't threaten, bribe or shame them into stopping it, what can you do? Whatever the answer is, I think raising the country out of poverty is a good first step, but of course that's hard to do when these nutters are trying to seize control of the government.

  3. Tim, yes, it's the Sun. I realised today that actually I don't care what people who read the Sun think anyway, because they are all too bloody stupid. (I grew up in a Sun & News of the World household, btw.)

    LC, fiddlesticks.