Monday, 26 November 2012


It takes an extraordinarily long time to realise some things, half a lifetime, in some cases. Here is the momentous thing I realised on the bus today:

I don't like parties.

(It is curious: I like my friends. I like drinking. I like smoking. I like meeting new people. I like music and sometimes dancing. I like talking to people. I like dressing up. Somehow, put these things in combination and I'm in hell.)

I feel relieved at the thought that I'm never going to go to another party for as long as I live.

A vignette from another lifetime, when I still didn't like parties but hadn't discovered it yet.


  1. You might like my blogparties - entirely relaxed, it's all about the chat, with a lot to eat as well, and the people are a delight.

    Mind you, I threw a party some years ago that put me off for years. On one table a guest was talking about the awfulness of swine fever and on the other my sister was talking about the awfulness of widowhood. Both true, but a total killer. Put me off for years.

  2. Your blogparties sound good, Z. Ha! That was a classic. Sorry it isn't funny really, but it did make me laugh.

  3. I have a thing against New Year's Eve parties, but I still haven't given up on other kinds. Can you put your finger on why you don't like the blighters?

  4. Hello, Broken Biro. I guess they just feel more like hard work than fun. I get on with people but I'm not an extrovert and can't really be a social butterfly with lots of people.

    Hurray for getting older and getting more confident though. You don't have to think 'I'm not good at parties' you can say 'I don't like parties.'

  5. Parties in Scotland usually involved the following:

    1. In the 1970s - serving whisky to drunken uncles, listening to relatives singing mournfully, then watching a fight

    2. In the 1980s - sitting in darkness smoking weed, talking about revolution, then watching a fight

    Imagine my surprise when I moved abroad and started working with a bunch of middle class English people. Parties suddenly became about eating finger food and playing parlour games.

  6. TB - ha! excellent. That has made me think about the different types of parties over the years - awkward messy teenage ones, squat parties, hippie sitting round the campfire parties, trying to be grownup dinner parties, proper posh wedding ones, work dos - no, still glad I don't have to anymore.

  7. I liked parties when I was young and the whole point was to get completely off your face then try to cop off with somebody.

    It's different now. Different and boring.

  8. Yes. boring. So true. You know there will be no copping off these days. Or maybe we're just going to the wrong parties.

  9. It all looks very gothic, what's playing in the background? Floodland?

    I can't remember the last time I went to a proper party, ie: one with strangers, drugs, criminal damage etc. I miss them.

  10. Artog, without a doubt. Also we had a special dance we did to the Velvet's Venus in Furs, you had to be there.

    I know. Fun times.

  11. Do you know, I agree! And I don't like picnics either. So there.

  12. I never knew that about you, Em. I thought you were a social butterfly par excellence.