Wednesday, 7 October 2009


If you found this one you get a bargain, as it has my (highly pretentious) teenage dissertation notes in the margin. And pictures of Edie Sedgwick. We thought we were worthy of the Factory, back in the day, and that Lou Reed would have written songs inspired by us...

Andy Warhol's World and His Films by Stephen Koch


  1. Pardon the meta-posting, but this sounds like an awesome idea and it's good to see you blogging again.

    I feel farther from the Central Line than ever (which isn't such a bad thing, necessarily)

  2. Although the link looks broken.

  3. Can we all join in? I have a spare Myra Breckenridge I could be persuaded to abandon.

  4. The transport for London lost property office are going to love you!
    It's a lovely idea, but I bet thats where the majority of your books end up.
    Still, it'll make a nice change from the abandoned umbrellas, briefcases, coats, hats, etc, that they normally get

  5. I heartily endorse this endeavour.

  6. Billy, course you can. Let me know if you do and I'll post it. Or you can be an administrator if you like.

    Steve, I love the TFL lost property, they found my iPod when I left it on the tube. I'm thinking a big sticker with READ ME on it might help.

    LC - hurrah!

  7. I was thinking of the sticker thing myself... very Alice in Wonderland, with READ ME on the label instead of EAT ME