Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Help. Me.

Look seriously, help me.

This is how far I've got. Lots of letters missing. Get your thinking caps on. Westminster, old & new, people, things & places. (Especially women connected with Westminster - I've been a bit rubbish at thinking of any.) I will send you a print if I adopt your suggestion. Or some chocolate or alcohol, if you prefer. Help!


B  Blitz      (as in, during the war, not the club in the 80s.)                          

C  Chinatown                                  

D Drury lane/Denmark st?


F Fleet street

G  - Gin houses/guards

H   Horseguards parade

I Intrepid fox ?





N   Newton

O One hundred club?

P  Piccadilly

Q  Quacks


S   Soho




W Wren?

     X  Charing X road   


 Z   Zebra crossing (Abbey Road cover)


Also watch this clever video:

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Bad feminist

Big campaign at the moment to get rid of Page Three.

I know it's very admirable and everything, but when you see stories about little girls getting acid thrown in their faces by the Taliban for having the temerity to go to school and get an education, it's hard to get so worked up about tits in the newspaper.  We've got to choose our battles, haven't we?

Saturday, 1 September 2012

From the vaults

Recycling old posts from the archives, if the Spitalfields Life blog can do it, so can I...

On the disappearance of Barbara. This happened five years ago. My, how time flies...

(Follow up post here)