Sunday, 11 March 2012


I'm putting these here to help me remember.

V&A exhibition (seems to be on hold while the curator gets sidetracked by other projects - I'm kind of relieved as I went into the studio to start making work and what I made was rubbish. I realise I've set myself an impossible task that would be more suitable to a master printmaker. Quite glad to set it aside but it nags at me. One problem is the space is so tiny. The idea is there, I just don't know how to make it. I don't want to turn in rubbish, I'd rather drop out.) It seems like a luxury when you have a long lead-in time to an exhibition, but the trouble is the longer you wait, the further away it is from your original idea. I would rather just crack on straight away while the idea is still vivid.

Project for Leytonstone Arts Trail - one of the artists is going to show in her house and on her roof garden. The theme is work inspired by things found in charity shops. I think I might start with an old fashioned photo album which I found in a junk shop in Barcelona. It's nice to have interactive projects so maybe I will leave some equipment and visitors can make their own print to go into the album.

Theseus' boat. I did a course for Philosophy for Education last week at a school which teaches through arts and philosophy, and the thought experiment of Theseus' boat came up. It's an immediately visual idea, I can picture it as a series (or an artist's book. I keep seeing artist's books mentioned everywhere and I'm finally getting the idea.)

Shopping themed exhibition in Westfield overlooking the Olympics. Again this seems on hold, but I've got the idea for it, it's a scene from Alice Through the Looking Glass where she finds herself in a shop. I can picture it as a combination of text and image. Don't know when this will happen.

Other ideas that have been put on the backburner for now: children's colouring/counting book, a story set in a forest: a praxinoscope based on the Red Shoes; a portrait made of prints displayed in a typesetters' tray.

Gradually my room is silting up with papers, inks, printing plates, rollers, plastic carry bags, card, acrylics, craft knives, white spirit, spray mount, pencils, rubbers, folders, portfolios. What I want is an enormous plan chest, and some shelves to stash this stuff, but there's no room.

Looking down this list, it makes me think that you can't be a lazy bastard if you want to make something. Successful people are the ones who make no excuses, and just get on with it.

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